Asbestos consultancy

From compliance with asbestos regulations to HSE guidance, there are a lot of complexities regarding asbestos projects – some which are difficult to overcome. We can help you navigate asbestos work and ensure compliance through our independent and strategic consultancy services.

Who is in-depth asbestos consultancy for?

If you want to achieve compliance, you’ll likely need support with the development of comprehensive asbestos management plans, method statements and management reports. You’ll also need to develop scopes and schedules of works. Our consultancy service can do this with you. Then, if any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are found that are releasing airborne asbestos fibres – or they are likely to do so in the near future – the plan will advise whether the ACMs should be repaired or replaced.

Operating across a range of industries and building types, overall our consultancy services help you see the bigger picture of your asbestos project. It’s much more than identifying risk – we give you the advice and tools to manage asbestos and achieve compliance.

Asbestos expertise

Our consultants are experts in asbestos management. All highly-qualified, they work strictly to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR).

Furthermore, our consultants understand the history of asbestos – it uses, its regulatory history, and its epidemiology. This means they can
provide technical analysis and advice.

Other asbestos consultancy services

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